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TOPIC: Adult Guitar Class - Week 2

Adult Guitar Class - Week 2 2 months 1 week ago #9308

Here is a summary of today's class and what you should be working on for next week:

1. Learn how to play the C, A, G, E and D chords play. These are open forms, which means that open and fretted notes are used to play the chords. I will explain further about chord charts in the next class. Please print your chord chart (Basic Forms)

2. Continue to play spiders on the guitar using one finger per fret.

3. Refer to the theory section of the CD and print out your scale charts and your Major Scale Chart. The class learned the different between natural notes (white keys on the piano) and sharps and flats (black notes). I addressed the musical alphabet. You should print out the blank fingerboard chart in the Theory section and complete each note on each string. Verify you answers on the fingerboard chart answer file.

4. We discussed the use of the inlay (dots) on your instrument and how to use those dots to find notes forward and backward.

5. I briefly explained the difference between tablature and standard musical notation. I had written notes on the board to demonstrate basic tablature. I also explained the standard notation for quarter, half, whole and 1/8 notes .

6. I discussed in detail the musical alphabet of 12 notes and how to play a major scale.

7. Soon we will be starting a song (Silent Night and Simple Gifts).

8. I spent significant time in class talking about the scale and demonstrating how to play a melody line up one string. I used "When the Saints Go Marching In" as an example. Please practice this melody line.

See your happy faces next week.

Good luck.
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