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TOPIC: Adult Guitar Class - Week 3

Adult Guitar Class - Week 3 2 months 1 day ago #9313

http://http://www.fretmentor.com/index.php/my-instrument/maguitar/4-gslessons/230-fretmentors-guitar-lesson-101-basic-strumming-patternsHello Everyone

Here is a summary of Week 3 adult guitar class:

The scale was reviewed and each student played the Major scale up the string horizontally.

Using the Major scale, we diagrammed a Major chord (using the C Major chord as an example). The chord was numbered according to the notes that are part of the Major Scale.

I demonstrated a major chords were then played played a strum with a root bass note per chord on either the 6th, 5th or 4th strings. You can check the guitar studio section of this website (Go to my Instrument/Guitar Studio) for rhythm techniques.

Three different left hand techniques were addressed: the slide, hammer on and pull-off.

Finally, we discussed playing the three Major chords in a Key.

Now, here are the important questions to help with a chord diagram and a chord progression. I would like one of you to be so bold to answer the questions below:

1. How do you define a Major Scale?

2. What is a Major chord and how does it related to the Major Scale?

3. What is a common and basic chord progression using three Major chords and how does that chord progression relate to the Major scale?

4. What string is the root bass note located on for each of these open chord forms: C, A, G, E and D

5. What does the term Triad refe4r to in music?

6. In terms of the numbers and in relation to the Major scale, What is the difference between a chord progression and the structure of a Major chord?

See you next week. We ill begin talking about the songs Simple Gifts and Silent Night. So please print these out.

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