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TOPIC: Banjo & Mandolin Class #2

Banjo & Mandolin Class #2 2 weeks 6 days ago #9421

In week two we completed the following:

1. Reviewed the musical alphabet and the major scale
2. Explained what a major chord is and how it is derived from the scale.
3. Played one form on the banjo and one form on the mandolin and made both open and closed chord forms.
4. Played a major scale up the string and identified the notes.
5. Learned proper left hand fingering for both the banjo and mandolin
6. Introduced Reno style single string playing for banjo and right hand flat picking for mandolin
7. Discussed correct positioning of both the right and left hand


What is a major chord?
What is a typical basic chord progression for a song and how does it related to a scale.
What technique is used to play back up on either instrument?


Play the spider exercise on each string.
Strum your mandolin or pluck the banjo strings using a G, C and D chord
Print out chord charts from your materials
Print out Cluck Old Hen on mandolin CD and Dueling Banjos on Banjo CD and bring to class next week
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