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TOPIC: Banjo & Mandolin Class #3

Banjo & Mandolin Class #3 1 week 6 days ago #9433

Hello everyone

We had some interesting class discussion, including some hand raising and questions. As I mentioned in class, please be patient and take you time to absorb some of the things I discussed.

First, I explained about the capo and how banjo players will eventually need to have pegs installed on their 5th string. This is not something urgent but something you will need down the road when you play with others.

There are two songs we will work on (one for banjo and the other for mandolin)

Banjo - Dueling Banjos - banjo students have this handy for next week
Mandolin - Cluck Old Hen - mandolin students have this ready for next week

Right Hand Technique - I demonstrated the use of the forward roll for banjo and the crosspicking technique for mandolin. Most importantly, I explain what a roll is, how it consists of 8 notes and how is fits in a measure of 4/4 time. I explained the use of the hook in a forward roll.

TIP - Please refer to my fretmentor YouTube channel and watch the video: Banjo Lesson 101

I emphasized how to play a chord progress (I, IV, and V) G to C to D on each instrument. For banjo, we used the bar form and moved from the 12th fret (G) to the 5th fret (C) to the 7th fret (D). On the mandolin, We learned the V shape chop chord and moved it vertically.

We also reviewed the musical alphabet.

Assignments : Complete your blank fingerboard chart and your scale templates, using the musical alphabet and the major scale pattern.

Post any questions here and I will be happy to assist you.

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