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TOPIC: Performing Bluegrass & Acoustic Music - Class 3

Performing Bluegrass & Acoustic Music - Class 3 1 week 6 days ago #9434

Hello Everyone

In the third class, we worked on the following

First, I asked the class to see if they could start playing Amazing Grace together. The first time was a little rough, so we broke down the song into measures by charting it out.

We counted 3.4 time, taped out foot and all joined in together starting on the third measure.

Banjo player vamped using the third (bar position)
Mandolin player used a chop with the V position
Guitar played open chord forms using the bass notes and a down strum

We played slowly and I emphasized how to play without looking at the right hand.


Get familiar with the Tef program and try to play rhythm to the Tef file of Amazing Grace
Print out Boil Them Cabbage
Start to work on the lead

i will be explaining how to play the leads to these songs in the next class.

Please post any questions you might have here.
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