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TOPIC: Banjo & Mandolin Class #4

Banjo & Mandolin Class #4 6 days 4 hours ago #9443

Hello Everyone

We have completed the half way point of your class. Here is what we learned in Class #4

Chord forms were demonstrated for both the banjo and mandolin

a. Banjo Students should now start working on Position 1, Position 2 1nd Bar Position 3
b Mandolin students should work the three open forms (G, C and D and the V shape chop chords.

Rolls were discussed.

a. Banjo Players should add the backward roll to their practice routine.
b. Mando students should incorporate the crosspicking technique

Rhythm and back up was explained.

a. Banjo should learn to vamp using chord shapes.
b. Mandolin players should chop using a bass note with a stum

The scale was review and melody lines were talked about. We looked at the first part of Dueling Banjos. The melody line in G would be


This melody is also used in the C and D scales.

Any questions?

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