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Colored Aristocracy ($) Lesson - All Instruments

This folder contains tablature and standard musical notation for the song entitled "Colored Aristocracy"  Fretmentor's original transcriptions of this piece include tablature for guitar, mandolin (standard notation for fiddle) and banjo.  Coming soon will be recordings for all instruments in slow and standard speeds.

History:  This history of the title of this song dates back to the 1800s and is based of a booked called Colored Aristocracy, which was written in the 1850s. The book represented the status of the Black elite in St Louis, Missouri.  The song is a cakewalk number, which was a back satire of the white two-step dances of the period.  The song is believed to be recorded by the Rich family in 1936.  It has been recorded in various keys such as D and G.  Fretmentor's version is in G. 

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