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Jupiter Community High School










Time & Date:  -   Starting September 10TH, 2019



Jupiter Community School:


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 History & Introduction Playing & Performing Rock & American Blues


Music (For Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin/Fiddle Students)


(Beginners to Advanced with Some Basic Knowledge of the instrument) – This lesson plan assumes that you have had some training in the basic techniques, chord positions, and strumming or roll patterns.  Those students who have had some training and knowledge of playing their instrument but still consider themselves as beginning music students are encouraged to take this class.  The course will examine basic blues techniques, music theory and fundamentals, including pentatonic scale patterns, chord structure, turnarounds,  left hand technique, and the development of lead riffs for 12 or 8 Bar Blues patterns.  Students will learn the history of blues music in America from Delta to New Orleans to Chicago Blues.   Each student is expected to bring their instrument to class. Blues will be demonstrated and played on Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin/Fiddle.  Please note that NO amplifiers will be used if an electric guitar is brought to class.  (See additional details & registration requirements through the school in which this class will be held).


Week 1:  Blues History, Rhythm & Lead


Week 2: Basic Music Theory & Chord Development


Week 3:  Basic 12 Bar Blues & 8 Bar Blues


Week 4: Learning Blues Shuffle Patterns


Week 5: Songs Played in 12 Bar & 8 Bar Blues With Turnarounds


Week 6: Learning Scales – Major & Minor Pentatonics


Week 7: Left Hand Technique (Bends, Vibratos and More)


Week 8:  Review (Including Students Performing Together)



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