Music Theory & Appreciation 


For All Musicians


Fretmentor offers a class in music theory and appreciation

THIS CLASS WILL BEGIN September 10th, 2019

at Jupiter Community High School

6:50-7:50 PM


(All levels) – Students will learn the basic fundamentals of music theory as it applies universally to playing a music instrument.  Whether you play piano, guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle or bass, the instructor will teach you how music theory will help you understand your instrument and develop improvisational skills in playing the instrument. This course is designed for a student who has either no background or a limited knowledge of music theory.  Classes will begin with understanding the tuning of your instrument, the musical alphabet, learning scales, building chords and understanding the fundamentals of a song’s structure in various keys. Students will learn to use major, minor and pentatonic scales to develop melodies and to improvise. The teacher will explain how to improvise without using standard sheet music to play a tune.  Each student can bring their instrument to class.  The instructor will demonstrate music theory principles using a guitar, a piano and required handouts and visual materials..  (See additional details & registration requirements through the school in which this class will be held)

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