Registration Fees


For Weekend Event



$250 Early Registration Fee

if Payed & Postmarked

By December 16, 2011 


$300 Late Registration Fee After December 16, 2011



Companion/Spouse Fee:  For those who want to bring a spouse or companion, or parents of music students under 18 years of age, a fee of 50% of the standard rate of $300 or ($250 if paid by December 16, 2011) is applicable.  The facility includes three separate class rooms.  Those paying the companion fee are entitled to come to the event, participate in the Saturday concert and have lunch.  However, they cannot attend or participate in the classroom sessions where the instructors are teaching while the sessions are in progress.



Saturday/Sunday Lunch & Snacks are included 



$15 per shirt* - Official Workshop T-Shirt


  *Shirt design & Color is NOT yet known.  Pictured below is the 2011 Shirt.



Don't Forget to Order Your Workshop T-Shirt Today 


Each T-shirt will be a solid color to be determined.  The Workshop T-shirt is a high quality cotton shirt and will display the Fretmentor Logo on Front with the sponsor logos on Back.  Advance T-shirt orders are being taken prior to the Workshop.  Quantities will be limited and may not be available at the Event.


 Register Today


You can register by personal check or through Paypal.


If paying by Paypal  add $10 to total 


Please note: if registering in person on the day of the event - only cash will be accepted  


No refunds will be granted once registered & payment is received. Refunds will be granted only if an unexpected emergency forces the event to be canceled. 




For Payment & mailing instructions or


If you have questions or require additional information


Click Here to Contact Fretmentor 



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