Fretmentor's 3rd Annual Banjo, Fiddle,


Guitar & Mandolin Workshop


Featuring Alan Munde, Byron Berline & Jim Hurst




On January 27th and 28th, 2012, Fretmentor held its Third Annual Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar and Mandolin Workshop Featuring Alan Munde, Byron Berline and Jim Hurst, in Lake Worth, Florida.  


The Workshop was sponsored by the Epiphany Lutheran Church, Mel Bay, Village Animal Clinic, Leslie Kay Insurance, Intellitouch Tuners, Homespun Instructional Materials, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Fretboard Journal, Elderly Instruments, Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine, C.F. Martin Guitar Strings, Turner Roofing & Tim Givens Contractors.  My sincere gratitude  goes out to these sponsors for assisting in making this a special event. 


Please enjoy the photo gallery below and join us next year for more special moments.  


Please note that the following photos are copyrighted and are the property of  The use or retransmission of these photos for any reason are not permitted without the express and written consent of


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