Acoustic Holiday


Fretmentor's Acoustic Holiday


Fretmentor is proud to announce the release of its collection of holiday tunes entitled “Fretmentor's Acoustic Holiday”.  12 Christmas tunes have been written for the banjo, guitar, mandolin and fiddle in both tablature and standard musical notation.  Each song has the entire musical composition for every instrument and is ideal for playing either individually or together as a group.  In addition, music students and performers will have access to these 12 christmas tunes on the website. 

When downloading the songs to the computer with the free Tef viewer (available at Tabledit’s website), each song will be able to be viewed and played in a midi computer generated format.  The tempo of the songs can be changed to either slow or speed up the song to your skill level.  This is ideal for learning, while playing along to the song.



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