Basic Guitar Concepts


Fretmentor's Basic Guitar Concepts


Many music students, who have a desire to learn to play the guitar may have some knowledge but limited music training or theoretical understanding of how to play the instrument.   Fretmentor's Basic Guitar Concepts has four sections:

1. Theory - Students learn about the musical alphabet, scale structure, understanding notes on the fingerboard.  Basic theory lesson plans are utilized by the student to develop a strong understanding of basic theory as it applies to the guitar.

2. Chord Structure & Developing a Chord Vocabulary - Color coded chord charts and chord picture chart are presented for a full understanding of basic chord structure.

3.  Technique - Fretmentor covers various right and left hand techniques.  Both flat picking and finger style is covered.  Strumming patterns teach the student proper rhythm technique.

4.  Songs -  Various songs are taught utilizing  the chord progressions and technique developed throughout.





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