Item:  (circle all applicable): Amount Purchased: Description of Item


1. Fretmentor Instructional CD ______________ ______________


2. Fretmentor Workshop or  Class ______________ ______________


3. Private Lessons ______________ ______________


4. Fretmentor T-Shirts                                      ______________ ______________

Description:  This certificate is valid only for the purchase of instructional books on CD produced by www.fretmentor.com or towards the payment of tuition for private lessons, class or group instructional workshops that are sponsored by www.fretmentor.com. or fretmentor T-shirts.  The certificate is not redeemable for cash or for any other goods or services not produced by www.fretmentor.  The certificate will only be accepted when authorized and endorsed below with a valid signature by www.fretmentor.com.  *The certificate is not applicable towards the payment of community education classes or others not sponsored or advertised directly by www.fretmentor.com. Expires One (1 year from the date of purchase as signed below)

Do Not Write Below This Line (For use by www.fretmentor only):



Authorized By: _________________________ Date:  ________________ 


Please Contact David via email at David AT Fretmentor.com if you have questions on obtaining a certificate, including payment options and associated fees.

The format above is to guard against SPAM.  Please substitute the @ symbol for the word AT and do not include spaces between words.


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