Purchase a Fretmentor T-Shirt Today



Fretmentor short sleeve T-Shirts are available for purchase. These Gilden heavyweight T-shirts are made of 100% preshrunk cotton.

Coming Soon ... New Fretmentor Circle of 5th Shirts:



T-Shirts are available in the following colors with the "www.fretmentor.com" logo on front.  The fretmentor logo is in either white or black and centered on the front.  NOTE:  Only a couple of these shirts are left.  Inquiries Only.



Fretmentor's Model, Gibson, provides you with his recommendations and a closer look of the color choices and style for each T-shirt :


Click Image to enlarge


The Following Sizes Are Available While Supplies Last:


Medium, Large, Extra-Large and XXL. 


Price per shirt is $14.99 plus $6.00 shipping in the USA.  Additional shipping for orders outside the USA is applicable. Add $3.00 for size XXL.


Don't let this poor pup go hungry. 

Buy your Fretmentor shirt today (Pup not included). 

Contact David at fretmentor.com to order your shirt.

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