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Jens Kruger Beginning Banjo DVD Review - June 2010 BNL

The following file is a review that was published in the June 2010 issue of Banjo Newsletter.  The article reviews Jens Kruger's instructional DVD entitled "Jens Kruger Banjo Method For Beginners: An Easy and Joyful Way to Start Picking".
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gonzalo martinez 2010-06-01 18:21:52 Really liked the article. Thought that soliciting input from Jens is a great idea. Dave does a a good job explaining the techniques and approaches illustrated in the DVD. Jens demosntrated one of the techniques described, forward roll with the melody line on a single string, at the recent works shop and I personally thought it was a great approach to improving timing. The technique requires (or forces) the student to learn the notes up the neck in a "hands on" fashion and is very pwerfull. On balance, the article is very informative and allows the consumer to make an informed decission on whether to buy the DVD.
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