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The Banjo, Guitar, and Mandolin

Fretmentor introduces you to History 101. Before you begin, continue reading below about the process used in preparing our history of the banjo, mandolin and guitar section; or to get started right away, click on the poster above to go directly to the banjo, guitar or mandolin tour

The history section of www.Fretmentor.com traces the origin of the banjo, guitar and mandolin.  Also included is an examination of the pioneers and performers who have contributed towards the development of each instrument. You will get to know some interesting facts about how the instruments and the performers have evolved throughout the ages. While significant research about the history of the banjo, mandolin and the guitar has already begun this process is far from being completed.  Each article will be updated regularly as new information is thoughtfully and accurately documented. Consider this process an on-going thesis to assist those interested in the history of these instruments and their respective pioneers and performers.




I make it a point to carefully document all sources and to post information such as digital photos, where the permission is granted.  This process is sometimes time-consuming but it ensures that Fretmentor is in compliance with copyright laws and regulations.  Digital photos have been accessed through various libraries, including Duke University, Harvard University, Brown University, the British Museum, the New York Public Library and others as noted.  Furthermore, sources are footnoted and are included to support the history that is documented on this site. Nothing is taken for granted and I will do my best to prepare information that is both factually correct and can be collaborated. 


If at any time you wish to participate and provide information that may be useful towards the development of a historical time line for these instruments, please feel free to contact me via email. You also should feel free to discuss any of these historical issues in the Fretmentor public forum.


 IN Memoriam

Doc Watson  3/3/1923 - 5/29/2012

Doug Dillard 3/6/1937 - 5/16/ 2012

 Earl Scruggs 1/6/1924 - 3/28/2012


Please check back and take the tour often, as these sections will be updated on a regular basis. 

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