• Fretmentor' utilizes a variety of methods acquired over 45 years to instruct students of all levels on how to play the banjo, mandolin and guitar.  To inquire about lessons either locally in Jupiter or remotely via Webcam email us at: david (Insert @ Symbol) fretmentor.com
  • Fretmentor's classroom teaches music theory for basic and advanced students.
  • Learn about topics such as the Nashville Numbering System, the Circle of 5ths or develop your understanding of chord and scale structure.  Its all here on the website and at Fretmentor's Blog.
  • Fretmentor's Bluegrass Performance Class has been held in Jupiter, Florida each and every week, all year long.
  • Offered for sale, at the Fretmentor Library, are songs written in both tablature and standard music notation.  While there are a number of sources for free tablature on the internet, what distinguishes Fretmentor arrangements is that each song contains the music, lyrics, sound files and in some cases video instruction for all instruments (banjo, guitar, mandolin and fiddle).
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