Banjo Chord Positions



There are three basic positions on the five string banjo. For purposes of this discussion the forms are entitled:


Bar Position



Position One



Position Two





Each of the three basic positions on the banjo are inverted.  An inversion is when a chord has its I, III or V on a different string.  None of the three positions have a I, III or V common to any of the four strings.  To exemplify, the three positions have the following numerical structure:




4th String – V

3rd String – I (Root)

2nd String – III

1st String – V



Position One


4th String – I (Root)

3rd String – III

2nd String – V

1st String – I (Root) 



Position Two


4th String – III

3rd String – V

2nd String – I (Root)

1st String – III



It is very important for the further development of your chord vocabulary that you memorize the numerical structure of each of these chord positions.  


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