Under The Double Eagle


By www.fretmentor.com


Under the Double Eagle, is an unusual instrumental that is sure to be an audience favorite.  Fretmentor's original transcriptions of this piece include tablature for guitar, mandolin (standard notation for fiddle) and banjo is available in the Library.  Coming soon will be recordings for all instruments in slow and standard speeds.

History:  Austirian Josef Franz Wagner composed this 1899 march, in rerference to the double eagle coat of arms of the Austrio-Hungarian Empire, is also the official regimental march of the First Austrian Regiment #2.  The march was favorite of American composer John Phillip Sousa. The original German title for this composition is  "Unter dem Doppeladler". The American version is entitled Under the Double Eagle.

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  Please enjoy listening to the song by clicking on the video below:




Happy Picking to you all!

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