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TOPIC: Music Theory & Appreciation Class #3

Music Theory & Appreciation Class #3 1 week 5 days ago #9442

Here is a summary of what we went over in Week 2:

We started to learn the Circle of 5ths. I drew the circle on the board.

Next, I reviewed the musical alphabet and the major scale.

We spent time identifying how to use the Circle in relation to identifying any major scale in any particular key. Each student did a different major scale using the circle.

We also figured out the three notes that make up a major chord by using the circle.


What is the unique word we can use to draw the circle?

The Circle of 5ths has a specific meaning. What does it relate to?

What is the alternate name sometimes used for the Circle

What scale has only natural notes?

What is the guitar tuned to?

What is the banjo tuned to?

What is the violin or mandolin tuned to?

How do you use the Circle to quickly identify the notes of any major scale?

What is a major chord and how can you determine the notes using the Circle.

You should practice playing scales in each of the natural Keys.

See you next week.

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