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TOPIC: For the Blues Class players

For the Blues Class players 9 years 4 months ago #7217

You pickers in Fretmentor's Blues Class, this G major pentatonic riff is actually pretty cool, and i've stumbled onto a few things. First,for us guitar players, i noticed the riff goes right into the A minor pentatonic box that starts at the 5th fret. Lots of cool stuff here for improvising. Dcone, is this also true on the mandolin? Also, for the guitars, i found out the 5 part of the riff can either be played starting with the open D string, or started off the 5th string by moving up a step, and continuing the pattern. I prefer to keep the riff closed, it makes it easier to visualize the pattern layout on the fretboard, plus it takes you further up the neck. I also incorporated an 8th note riff for a cool sounding turn around. We could easily spend a few lessons working this riff. Also, try modulating to a different key. Take it up a step to A.
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