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TOPIC: A Surpising Revelation

A Surpising Revelation 8 years 9 months ago #7239

Well, well!!! FM once said that my classical playing would make me a better fiddler, but, how else would it work out for me other than that it would be the other way around. B)
I'm working on a piece right now in Suzuki book 7 (Handel's Sonata No. 1), and apparently as it was Handel's first sonata, he hadn't yet learned what happens to one when one writes a violin piece with that many darn double stops!! :( Truth be told, it is a fun song to play, I just know that it will take me forever and a day to get those things right. I'm working on doing them by separating them to hear the harmony and the melody so that I know what to listen for, and then by playing them together slowly so that I can get them in tune.
I'm trying to do the same thing with Orange Blossom Special so that I'll eventually be able to tackle that tune too.
Perhaps victory is nearing. :) (...I hope.)
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