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TOPIC: Handicaps

Handicaps 8 years 6 months ago #7457

I saw a news report about a boy born with only one hand and part of the left arm and He wanted to play the violin. Someone developed a prosthesis for him that would allow him to hold the bow. I was very impressed.
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Re:Handicaps 8 years 6 months ago #7459

I know! There are times when I struggle and I've got two hands! :)

It's really amazing to see what people can be capable of if they are determined enough. Sometimes I think that the handicaps are the very things that can give one the perseverance they need and make them all the more determined to push past all expectations. In a way the handicaps become an advantage! Because, while there are many who are able, there are few that have the passion.

CNN Report about him:

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