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TOPIC: For 11/17/2021 Blues Class: New Riff Added

For 11/17/2021 Blues Class: New Riff Added 6 months 2 weeks ago #10530

We're adding riff 16 to the collection of riffs we're currently practicing. This is a two-measure Blues scale riff in G. To help you with this riff, practice the blues scale in G forward and backward before practicing the riff. This is an E form riff in the key of G.

Take your time and build the riff in bite-size chunks (4 notes at a time). It's best not to try to play the entire riff at one time to start. To make it easier to learn in the beginning, you can play pull-offs as individual 8th notes (but you will eventually need to learn the riff with the pull-offs).

Dave will discuss mechanics, tips, and any issues that come up for you at the next meeting.
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